Motor City Tele is Metro Detroit's Only Place for Telemark Rentals!!

Every time I ride at one of the ski resorts in the Metro Detroit Area at least 2-3 people say to me, "Hey, that's cool! How can I try?!" I never had a good answer. All i could do was ask if they had the same boot size as me. That's it. There was no store in this area that sold or rented Telemark equipment. I just got sick of that answer.  

So, I started collecting used Telemark equipment with the thought that if I have a pair of Boots for any size foot and some skis to go with them, then we can give a LOT of people the opportunity to try and love Telemark skiing. 

Along with Telemark gear rental, Motor City Tele also provides Tele swag, the latest Tele news, and a central point for the area for Telemark skiers to keep in touch.

With Telemark gear available and everyone's help, we can spread the stoke and the love for Telemark skiing!  

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